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Manage Life | Create Bliss

LifeBinder is a life management and self-discovery system...

...with 21 customized sections to help you renew focus, stay creative, and boost productivity. Members call it 'Productive Bliss' — and it's available to you right now.

Productive Bliss? 

Yes! Hopefully you've felt it before...

When personal life and career interests align, pressure turns to passion, and days have a magical rhythm. You feel both mega-energized and inwardly peaceful at the same time... and it makes you wonder:

"Isn't THIS how life is meant to be ALL the time?!"

If you live in the fast lane of ambition, creativity, and success, then LifeBinder will help you achieve sustainable productive bliss. 

Sustainable Productive Bliss Can Be Yours

Renew Focus, Stay Creative, and Accelerate Success

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Productive Bliss — conquer modern life and bliss yourself out in the process

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Create your custom-made Life Binder for sustainable productive bliss.

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Online courses to build productive bliss across all categories of your life. 

LifeBinder adapts to perfectly suit your unique approach to life

Create Your LifeBinder For Sustainable Productive Bliss

Finally — A Reliable Way To Manage Your Entire Life, While Feeling Blissfully Fulfilled, And Staying In Full Control

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The LifeBinder System!

Finally — A Reliable Way To Manage Your Entire Life, While Feeling Blissfully Fulfilled, And Staying In Full Control

LifeBinder adapts to perfectly suit your unique approach to life

Book Coming Soon: 

Productive Bliss — Conquer Modern Life and Bliss Yourself Out In The Process

Get The Book: 

Productive Bliss — Conquer Modern Life and Bliss Yourself Out In The Process

Productive Bliss

conquer modern life in the fast lane — and bliss yourself out in the process

If you feel the struggle of being highly productive in all areas of your life, at the same time as blissfully fulfilled, then LifeBinder club is for you. 

No matter what your background is, or what challenges you face, you deserve more productive bliss — and it's available to you right now.

Creator of the LifeBinder System

Certifications in CBT, NLP, EFT, mBIT, and HeartMath

The truth about life

Been told I could do anything I wanted, but never knew the right path to take. I believe you have the truth about life. Many thanks

John Watson

Astonishing results

Your 7 Steps of Organizing has worked for me with astonishing results.


The questionnaires help me focus

..I keep reading all of these crazy books talking about writing down goals and such. My favorite of all time is The Science of Getting Rich.

For some reason my ego thinks that it seems too easy, too good to be true, you know. To just get a clear vision of want you want.

I find it hard to really focus on my objectives. Usually, I get glimpses of them, during a certain song or something, but never for long. The questionnaires are a project. I seem to be able to get to deeper states of focus when I do the questionnaires. I need to live my dreams, and the questionnaires help me focus on the goals and the steps to complete them. Thanks Gav, great stuff!

Darrell Thompson

It is working!

I have my office staff using the forms on all of our projects and it is working! We just need to SLOW DOWN and use the system which will help us be more efficient - not always so easy to do in our business but we will keep on moving forward. Thanks

Jim Prehoda , Northwest Association Management, Oregon

A great help

Downloaded the stuff a couple days ago. Great work. Just the exercise about life’s purpose is very impressive. I have been struggling for some time now and this looks to be a great help.

Barry Martin

A better way

Once again, you hit me where I live! All my life I have been rejecting my programming and knew there was a better way.

Teddy , Construction

It fits to do it like this

Wow, I think I’ve just amazed myself! I’ve started adding bits to my Templates, everything seemed to just flow out – like I knew exactly what points I wanted to put down. I’ve put [them] up on my wall now. I can feel the wonder already. It feels so good to write these things down. I’ve always wanted it all to be structured, and it fits to do it like this.

Shahana Yasmin , Yoga Instructor

Puts life in perspective

I find your maps to life very useful and enlightening to say the least. You put life in perspective. Once you see it you can see your own life at a glance and will know where you need to improve. I find it very educating. Thank You.

John Mileg

A true blessing

This is bringing tears to my eyes….you have drawn my brain! I see you also have a philosophy and mathematics/physics background. This is a true Hurculean effort to bring these concepts to those who weren’t as fortunate to be properfly steered….. The cueing synapsed parts of my brain that I supposed were long atrophied. These charts alone are a true blessing…..Again, my sincerest thanks.


More Effective Than GTD

Intrigued by what appeared to be something different and perhaps more effective than the GTD approach? It seems your system has a more organic/natural and complete feel to it

Richard L

Keep on keeping people thinking

..'Celestine Prophecy'.. ' A Course in Miracles'. May I say yours ranks right up there with them. Keep on keeping people thinking.

Dr Ron MacIntyre

Awesome material

Hello Gavriel, Just want to say I am happy you are on the net. I find your material to be awesome

Leigh Colbourne


I am restructuring my office and living space out of inspiration from your organizing suggestions. Thank you for your excellence and contribution.

Jeffrey , Musician

Following it to the letter

Your principles and techniques go very well along with Napoleon Hill's and complete them.... Prepare for the day and control your future. I went through... and I'm following it to the letter. So far so good.

Israel David

From beyond

After coming back to your site 3 or 4 times I got as far as reading your testimonials. They gave me goose bumps. I had to get up from my computer and find another task to do. I felt like I was being spoken to from beyond.


Dreamed about all my adult life

I am reading your book, and I can relate to very much of it… Your solution is something I’ve dreamed about all my adult life. I would like to remain in touch and keep you updated on my progress. We’ll speak soon.


I wish I had found your site a year ago!

Very very well done! I wish I had found your site a year ago! Thanks to your handbook, I will never be able to hide behind ignorance again. I will know that if I don’t make progress from here it is because I choose inaction. I can tell you put your heart, soul, and brain into it.


I cannot wait to apply it to my life

I’m really impressed with your work! I look for your email everyday.. Out of everything I’ve come across, and I’ve been researching this for some time now, your program is the most logical and easy to use.

I cannot wait to apply it to my life and then to share it with my clients. Best wishes and thank you for being so generous!

Marla Butler , Life Coach

Actually Working

I would just like you to know, that your time management suggestion is actually working to my astonishment

Leah Cann , Personal Assistant 

EXACTLY what I was hoping for

I’m on the verge of a massive business venture and was in need of the 7 Steps. It’s EXACTLY what I was hoping for and some. You’re better than the rest - take it from someone who’s tried almost everything!

Anonymous , Medical Industry Entrepreneur

A Deeper Level

Things that you said in it are starting to sink in at a deeper level. I have been paying more attention to the blocks that disempower me. And now I see the huge importance of some of the questions you ask.

Caroline Coronel , Musician and NLP Practitioner

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