A Brilliant Way To Manage Life

We Currently Have Two Books In Development

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Until the release of Productive Bliss, we're working with dozens of coaches to produce a Bliss Hacks ebook for 2019, available FREE with dozens of top tips across 11 coaching categories: Performance, Life Management, Resilience, Relationships, Wellness, Spirituality, Career, Business, Productivity, Confidence and Transformation. 

Coming Soon

Productive Bliss will be published in the first half of 2019

The official book on the LifeBinder System for sustainable productive bliss.

  • Introduction: Why this book needed to be written 
  • Chapter 1: The 7 Ingredients for a Life of Productive Bliss
  • Chapter 2: Six Categories Of Life That Impact Your Bliss-Capacity
  • Chapter 3: 10 Habits That Nurture Sustainable Productive Bliss
  • Chapter 4: Secret Sauce For Maximum Productive Bliss
  • Chapter 5: Fuel The Fire Of Sustainable Productive Bliss With 5 Types Of Life Review
  • Chapter 6: Why 'productivity' and 'bliss' are not contradictory states of experience — and you deserve the best of both
  • Chapter 7: The LifeBinder Technique for Custom Bliss Management
  • Chapter 8: Emotional Stretching and Bliss-Binding: The Not-So-Subtle Art Forms For Super-Charging Your Bliss Capacity
  • Chapter 9: The Huge Difference Working With A Dozen Coaches Can Make
  • Conclusion: Follow Your ________?
  • Addendum: From Social Calamity To Limitless Prosperity

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