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Coach Recommendation Program

Accelerate Your Success With LifeBinder By Hiring A Coach Who Can Take You To The Next Level Of Productive Bliss

In 2019 we'll introduce a list of select coaches who use LifeBinder as part of their own coaching program across various categories: Performance, Transformation, Relationship, Productivity, Wellness, and more. 

If you're a coach, contact us for details of our Coach Recommendation Program. It's free.

Note on Coaching from the Founder of

We built the LifeBinder system with coaching in mind.

I don't work as a full-time professional coach myself although I am certified in mBIT coaching and HeartMath resilience mentoring and have coached individuals in the past.

I greatly admire the deep work that professional coaches provide, developing the right mix of empathy, human insight and honing the technical skill-set required to guide clients through unfathomable degrees of inner change and external results.

Until the official Coach Recommendation Program begins, if you're interested in working with a coach, get started with the LifeBinder system and inside the community you'll gain access to coach referrals. 

Hiring coaches for different aspects of your life will significantly improve the results you gain from LifeBinder.

I hire coaches too. 


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