The Productive Bliss Mini-Course

5 Lessons Easy

About this course

Build your very own rocket-ship for Productive Bliss using the three components of this mini-course — rocket parts, schematics, and rocket fuel: 

  1. The 7 Ingredients
  2. The 6 Life Category Pairs
  3. The 10 Habits

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Course Structure


Productive Bliss Mini-Course Introduction

Get ready to build your rocket-ship of productive bliss — propelling you from your current plateau in life up to the next level of success and satisfaction.  


The 7 Ingredients of Productive Bliss

A quick run-through of the 7 ingredients of productive bliss. Do the writing exercises and you'll quickly learn and remember the 7 ingredients. This can shape how you manage all areas of life.  


Your 6 Life Category Pairs for Productive Bliss

Here we take a snapshot of 6 life category pairs, giving you a big picture across all key areas of your life that contribute to productive bliss. 


The 10 Habits of Productive Bliss

Master these daily habits and you'll add rocket fuel to your quest for sustainable productive bliss.  


Conclusion to the Mini-Course

Not to be missed. 

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