Modern Life Requires Management

Previous generations probably have their complaints about life management.

But today’s age of epic lifestyle opportunity, mass communication, and rapid automation means that our generation feels more pressure to manage life than ever before.

There are 3 good and obvious reasons to focus on life management:

  1. Reduce negatives
  2. Increase positives
  3. Build a better future

Reducing negatives via life management includes organizing your environment, responsibilities and processes to eliminate mess and stress.

Increasing positives means creating time, space and opportunity for passion projects, healthy pleasures, and daily wellbeing.

Building a better future includes career development, finances, location, relationships, and your sense of mission and purpose.

These are not difficult requirements to agree. The challenge is actually riding the waves of life to make it happen in the best way possible.

And that’s why life management is so important to a growing community of people around the world using modern tech, balance with nature, and psychological technique to increase the quality of life.

All the digitalisation of mobile devices, apps, and sensors means the input into our minds, bodies and lives must be tamed. We must stand guard at the door of our mind. We must manage life to overcome the push-pull economy of data driven advertising that knows exactly how to push our buttons for the benefit of big business and government.

Happiness, health and wellbeing are actually quite simple human conditions. Modern life needs to be moulded, sculpted and shaped to ensure that we are healthy and happy for the long-term.

Life Management is important. Check out the LifeBinder System to join our quest for what we call ‘sustainable productive bliss’.