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Join the notice list to receive the news release and ebook on the day of publication. Background provides techniques, tools and community for achieving and maintaining a deep sense of productive bliss in every day life. was Founded in 2018 by one of the first ever publishers of productivity content on the Internet, Gavriel Shaw. In 1998, Gavriel published Folderarchy, a way to use files and folders to organize any area of life. combines Gavriel's experience with productivity programs over the past 20 years, updating his approach used personally and with coaching and professional clients.

Mission Statement: 

We all deserve more blissful moments in our daily life experience.'s mission is to help anyone quickly achieve productive bliss: A deep sense of emotional wellbeing built from passion and purpose via practical and comprehensive life management.

Product Description is a membership community based around an online course, and a desktop application.

The multi-media course introduces the concepts and strategies used in the desktop application. The app is a highly flexible online document providing the user with a comprehensive overview of their goals, along with a clear action plan, regular reviews, and deeper reflection of their values and life direction.

Founders Bio is Founded by Gavriel Shaw, certified mBIT Coach and HeartMath resilience coach.

Gavriel has a 15 year professional background in corporate marketing and resilience coaching, with a foundation in positive psychology, a lifelong passion for freedom philosophy, and 7 years of world travel. His certifications in emotional therapy and resilience coaching (CBT, NLP, EFT, mBIT, and HeartMath) inform his approach to management and mentoring.

Raised in London, he enjoys international travel, heart-to-heart conversations about the meaning of life, and sharing visions for a future of global prosperity.


"Most of us remember the care-free feelings and larger-than-life experiences during parts of our youth. I believe those same feelings are available to us as adults too, based on how passionately productive we feel across all areas of our life. The research suggests it comes from a combination of feeling focused, passionate, capable, connected and secure."
"Daily bliss is more than possible. Do the grunt work using the LifeBinder document and chances are you'll soon feel a more expansive sense of productive bliss seep into every part of your life."
"I believe it's our birthright to live in a free world that lets us follow our bliss"


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