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Life Binder System - Life Binder Club

The Surprising Secret Of The Most Blissfully Productive People In The World

Life Management for Productive Bliss includes any of the following:

Plan your future

Organize your life

Boost productivity

Improve your health

Accelerate progress

Increase intelligence

Maintain creative flow

Eliminate procrastination

Achieve work-life balance

Strengthen mental toughness

Become more resilient to stress

Find the motivation to be your best self

Increase self-awareness and mindfulness

Remove stagnant negative emotions that hold you back 

Be 'disciplined by design' — rather than mustering sheer will power

Confidently control key categories of life including finances, relationships, career, health, hobbies, and passion projects 

Why accept anything less?

You're ambitious. You work hard. You want to create amazing experiences — to get more done, feel better, less distracted, more focused. 

...At the same time, you don't want managing life to feel complicated, rigid, or robotic. So you scan a few articles for popular life-hacks, try a few productivity apps, and write out fresh to-do lists...

Then along comes: 

  • Delicious Distraction
  • Overflowing Opportunity
  • Pesky Pressure

Too many opportunities vie for your attention. Moments of bliss fade through interruptions that pull you away from purposeAnd niggling pressure in the back of your mind says "are you getting enough done?"

Perhaps you've tried:

  • time management tips. 
  • get organized techniques. 
  • paper-based systems with notebooks and folders.
  • computer-based systems with desktop and mobile productivity apps.

But there's just so much going on at all times!

Project plans and notes get left behind. Lost. Scattered.

Life's rhythms are wild, spontaneous, and dependent on other things or people.

Not to mention life has different phases...

New job phase. Falling in love phase. Starting a business phase. Getting serious about health phase. Getting older, then older phases. And so it goes.

Each phase requires a different approach to staying productive, creative, and in bliss.

Modern life management needs a new approach... 



A breakthrough approach to manage all areas of  life for sustainable productive bliss

One LifeBinder.Club member described it as: 

"a kind of life organization tool"
  • It helps account for ALL areas of life.
  • It lets you get distracted by new pursuits and interests, able to return 'home' to your LifeBinder and pick up exactly where you left off. 
  • It lets you explore and discover your best direction in each phase of life.  
  • It doesn't take up much time.
  • It helps you build and maintain productive bliss.

How Does It Work?

The App

The Course

Part 1: The LifeBinder App

Follow along the very simple steps at each section, fill in the blanks, and reap the rewards of productive bliss throughout your life. 

A web-application (opens on your desktop and mobile browser) with 4 areas and 18 sections for total life management:

Opens in any browser

Part 1: The LifeBinder App

Follow along the very simple steps at each section, fill in the blanks, and reap the rewards of productive bliss throughout your life. 

A web-application (opens on your desktop and mobile browser) with 4 areas and 18 sections for total life management:

1. Your Project Area

  • Capture project ideas, key milestones, and next actions for both personal and professional life.
  • Get on top of whatever you're currently juggling and build a better plan of action. 

2. Your Bliss-Hack Area

  • Track habits, pinpoint the things in your life to change, and control your progress with ease.
  • Move past limitations, strengthen your motivation, feel fantastic about your life. 

3. Your Ideal-Day Area

  • Keep perspective on the ideal mix of activities for personal success and satisfaction across all categories of life.
  • Design a better lifestyle and building the skills and rituals to make it happen.

4. Your Life-Review Area

  • Review your progress, changes in your mood, your mind-set, your achievements, overall direction, relationships, and results.
  • Reflect on successes to revel in glory on a lazy Sunday afternoon or give yourself a firm yet fair kick up the backside to get you back in gear. 

Customize your LifeBinder to perfectly suit your personality and lifestyle. Make it as clean and simple or detailed and complex as you like. 

Part 2: The LifeBinder Course 

A quick run through of the system and introduction to your very own LifeBinder document. 

During the practical short course you'll start to use the LifeBinder document to quickly and easily get in the zone of productive bliss. 

Refer back to the orientation course for inspiration whenever you like.

Module 1: Projects

The stress-free art of project managing your life

3 mistakes everyone makes with managing life — and the instant fix 

Manage your projects, control key milestones, and juggle daily activities

Walk-through of the Projects Area in your LifeBinder document

Module 2: Bliss

How to stop feeling unfulfilled

Bliss-hack your way to fulfilment

Walk-through of the Bliss-Hacks Area in your LifeBinder document

Module 3: Ideal-Day

How to engineer your ideal day

Map out your morning, afternoon, evening and night for more health, wealth and happiness

Walk-through of the Ideal-Day Area in your LifeBinder document

Module 4: Reviews

5 types of life-review that give you full perspective on all areas of productive bliss

How to track your emotional experiences to build a deeply positive long-term mood 

Build your Life Compass across all categories of life to direct and control your destiny

Walk-through of the Reviews Area in your LifeBinder document

Overall — the effect is more personal power, deeper connection with yourself and others, and dare I say... a sense of enlightenment

From This: 

Wasting time trying to 'stop being distracted' and 'get organized'. Feeling inadequate, slow, or achieving less than you could, due to a general lack of control, disorganization, or overwhelm.

"if only I could just get ahead and then stay on top of things"  

To This: 

Dynamic, creative, feeling in awe and wonder at your progress. Life feeling gamified and fun rather than a treadmill of chores. Actually living the fullness of life and getting the right stuff done.

"It's so much fun to manage life with such clarity!"


  • You become more able to plan things out, record items for the future or take immediate action, stay on top of details, see the big picture, achieve more in less time, become more successful. 
  • Better able to contribute in teams, with more mental freedom and time to spend with significant others.
  • Down-time feels positively charged, rather than necessary for a re-charge.
  • The daily discipline of life management becomes incredibly liberating — creating care-free feelings you may remember from childhood. (Dopamine and other bliss-state hormones are released into your system during times of peak performance.)
  • A higher level of intelligence about life quickly develops from a wider grasp on so many facets of life experience.
  • Belief in yourself and in your future grows exponentially.
  • You gain tremendous personal power by seeing the biggest picture of your life direction, down to the nitty-gritty details of your passion projects — dynamically arranged for flexible control.  

All in all, you become more organized, more relaxed, more productive, more creative, and ultimately more successful

Put LifeBinder To The Test

Commit yourself to these steps:  

  • Watch the hands-on tutorial and you'll instantly grasp the power of the LifeBinder method. 
  • Start using your tailor-made LifeBinder document. It's fun and easy.
  • See how quickly LifeBinder becomes a valuable part of your life.

"I originally created LifeBinder for my self. I needed a way to juggle the complexity of life, handle the overwhelm of opportunity, and follow my bliss. Nothing else comes close. LifeBinder is the only way to live each day in productive bliss." 

- Gavriel Shaw, Founder,

Yes! I want to improve the way I manage all aspects of my life 

I pay just $57 (equivalent of just £42 or €50) for the LifeBinder document, course and updates.

I'm also interested in online events, group hangouts, online chats, and free coaching opportunities. 

Even if I cancel for a refund, the LifeBinder document is mine to keep so I can continue using it. 

Let's get started! 

Life Binder Club

Full Access

This is the best option for most people. Full access to:

  • LifeBinder course 
  • LifeBinder document

$57 one-time

(approximately £42 / €50)

Buddy System


Everything in Life Binder Club plus: 

Get paired with fellow members to progress through a 3-month accountability program, including small group coaching calls with professional coaches. 

$147 /mo for three months


Private Mentoring

A full-on 8-week personal mentoring program with Gavriel. Develop your LifeBinder and break through your barriers to sustainable productive bliss. Includes scheduled calls, email access, and private texting. 

$950 /mo for two months

If LifeBinder does not contribute enough to how you manage life over the next 60-days, simply let our support desk know to receive a prompt 100% refund. No questions asked.


Your satisfaction is the only true measure of productivity, and ultimately, the only thing you'll remember throughout the stages of life.

"Did I make the most of every possibility, focus on the right priorities, and build maximum bliss throughout my daily life experience?" 

LifeBinder is the tool to get you there. Immediately following registration you will receive access details so you can get started today. See you inside. 

About LifeBinder.Club

LifeBinder.Club is a membership community, online course, and desktop application to help manage all areas of life towards wealth, health, love and personal power. The LifeBinder System makes comprehensive life management easy for sustainable productive bliss.

Founded by Gavriel Shaw; one of the original creators of productivity courses on the Internet, starting with Folderarchy back in 1998. Gavriel has a professional background building and managing teams for large and small companies, with qualifications in resilience mentoring and life coaching. Gavriel is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, Elon Musk fan, and long-term globe trotter. 


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